Books For Freshies

Hello! Ito na ang book list to help incoming freshies decide which books to use/buy. Note: This is based from my experience (SLCM 1st year) ok? 🙂 So, do not solely rely on the books on this list. Explore the books found in our library. Also, if you would like to add something, just comment below! Post will be mostly Tagalog. 🙂

Noong 1st year ako, sobrang nagtitipid kasi ako non kasi hello ang mahal ng tuition. Wala akong binili na kahit anong books.Read More »

St. Luke’s College of Medicine – The Interview

Probably the part which most medschool applicants get nervous about is the INTERVIEW. I’ve experienced being interviewed in UERM and SLCM. I must say both interviews were “chill lang”. Well, I’m gonna share how my interview in SLCM went and some tips for you guys. 😀

Tip #1 Arrive early but not too early. In my case, I arrived really early in the SLCM library. My schedule was 8:00am but I arrived in SLCM about 7:00am. Around 8am, two applicants arrived and we started talking and I found out they were also Thomasians. We waited until 9am because I think the doctor who was supposed to interview us was not informed about the interview. So, they requested another doctor to substitute. Mind you, the substitute turned out to be the Head of Surgery of St. Luke’s Medical Center. Around 9:30am, I was called to come inside the office. Read More »




Please check this link if your concern includes registration, schedules, fees, etc. I also advise you to read this carefully.

NMAT consists of two parts. Let’s start with PART I:

  • Verbal. Well, being a bookworm this part was pretty a-okay for me. There were analogies and reading comprehension tests in this one. I did not review much for this and rather focused on harder sub tests like Physics and Quantitative. If you’re a bookworm or a writer, you’re good to go.

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Clerkship, here I go!

They posted the list of promoted students last Friday and guess what? I got promoted to Clerkship/Junior Internship! Plus, I was also able to maintain the scholarship! All these are because of God’s faithfulness. Iba talaga kayo, Lord!!

Ang masasabi ko lang ay grabe yung 3rd Year. Grabe talaga sya guys pero tiwala lang kay God kasi He put you in medschool for a reason. Kapit ka lang sa Kanya. 🙂


There were a lot of moments during 3rd year na mapapa-isip ako if kaya ko pa ba. Abot ko pa ba? But I just keep remembering God’s promise to me before I entered SLCM. God is really faithful!

Third Year Block 1

Hi there. We just finished with our exams and… it was exhausting. The ENT-OB-Gyne combo was really heavy and stressful. I made the mistake of skipping lunch that day and suffered from hunger pangs during the difficult OB test. Ugggh note to self: EAT ON TIME.

But thinking about it, all topics were discussed during our lectures. I guess we just need to learn how to manage our time more efficiently because of the papers that really eat a big chunk of our time. Hmmm, we’ll do better.  I enjoyed the cardio block, it was challenging, but I enjoyed it. Thank you for the lessons, Lord. 🙂

What else happened during this block..? Well, I would like to welcome the first years! I’m really happy to see majority of them are active and friendly!! Keep it up, guys. We’ll be right here to offer support and help whenever you need them. Enjoy the freshmen year! ❤


I was not expecting anything. Just hoping. Second year was indeed a rollercoaster ride. But God always lifted my spirit. He always got my back kahit pagod na pagod na ko. Yung heartache just thinking about the grade I needed to maintain the scholarship. God made me feel uncomfortable and I realized He wants me to push harder, reset the limits I have set for myself. And at times na sobrang pagod na yung spirit ko, He will send my friends, my professors to cheer me on.

I keep on thinking about my family every night. How much burden I would give them if I lose the scholarship. And I kept praying. God hears every prayer and ngayon ko lang  fully narealize ‘to. I kept praying na Lord, sana makahabol pa ko. Sana hindi pa too late.

They released our grades yesterday and also the list of the scholars. Someone uploaded a blurred photo at first and I couldn’t make out the student numbers but I counted 26 asterisks = 26 scholars. From 40+ scholars, only 26 retained their scholarship. And sobrang kinakabahan na ako but I kept praying… Then someone uploaded a better photo of the list… And there it was, my student number with an asterisk beside it. The tears flowed and I kept thanking the Lord. The late nights studying, me skipping meals just to read transes, studying out in my favorite spot in Seattle’s Best Coffee… they were all worth it. Now, I can’t wait to tell my family. 😀 #roadtoVneck


This verse kept me going during Block 5 up until finals. I urge you to read this chapter (Mark 5:21-43) in the Bible. It’s about one of Jesus’ miracles. Jesus making the impossible, possible. 🙂

Block 4 feelz

No joke pero this was the hardest block so far for me. T_T

I think because sobrang daming subjects this block and ang heavy nung semestral subjects this time pero ang hirap talaga. Para kaming binubugbog during those 2 weeks of exams. <////3

Tho aaminin ko hindi ako nakapag-aral ng sobra because of extracurricular stuff. Kaya masakit sa puso na hindi ko nabigay yung best ko this block.

Pero I have never felt more determined to study and bumawi! Let’s go Block 5!! >:O


One of our classmates died.

I want to dedicate this post to you, Russell.

Russell, you are a good soul. We were not that close but we occasionally smile and greet each other in the hallway.

There are three things I will always remember about you Russell.

First, was how you loved calligraphy. And you were so great at it, I was actually jealous. Now who would do the calligraphy letters for the Love Express, Russell….

Second, I saw you making a rosary at classroom. I don’t know anyone else with the same hobbies as you, honestly. Again, you amazed me. I actually wanted to ask you to make me one but I was too shy to do so.

And third, how you cried after our SGD. L I was transferred to your group because my preceptor was absent and I mostly observed you guys. You did well interviewing the patient, Russell. But I think you forgot to ask something and the preceptor pointed that out. After that, you cried. I was really confused why you cried, I think everyone in the room was confused. After the SGD, I talked to you and asked if you were okay, you were still sniffling and said “Andami nating hindi pa alam, nakaka -overwhelm lang..” That’s when I realized your appreciation for things are way deeper compared to other persons.

Magiging doctor ka pa eh, Russell.  May reporting pa tayo sa BSR and yung topic pinili natin kasi interesting about fungi na nagiging zombies yung host after infection. Pero wala ka na.. I pray na kasama mo na si Lord sa heaven, Russell.

Tapos na ang suffering mo.

Salamat sa lahat ng ginawa mo dito sa mundo, sa lahat ng na-touch mong tao. You have left your mark. We will always remember you, Russell. Rest in peace.


Block 2 post-exam

Done with the last exam for Block 2! I feel TIREEEED. We had a patient plus SGD right before the exam. So you can say I was sabog during the exam. Probably the reason I had a hard time in BSR. I just prayed for God’s grace to sustain me through that exam.

I wasn’t able to watch the games because I was EXHAUSTED. Socially exhausted, is that a thing? I mean exams since last week plus non-stop socializing (highschool reunion, sportsfest, orgs duties). The introvert in me is tired and needs to recharge which means ALONE TIIIME 😀

I ate a big slice of pizza, went straight home, slept for 8 hours. I FEEL A LOT BETTER.

So, cheers for the upcoming Block 3. No cramming this time. Hopefully. 🙂


Hello! Block 1 and Block 2 flew so fast. TOO FAST. A lot has happened and I am just happy to say I’m still fighting.

Second year is hard. But then again, nobody said it would be easy. 🙂 I guess we just have to enjoy the ride.

I’m typing on my new laptop! My sister gave me one. She knows how I stay up late because of writing PAPERSSSSS on my slow Samsung Netbook. She probably felt sorry and gave me a better laptop. Oh thank you, Lord for siblings ❤ I’m gonna go tweak with this new laptop as I’m still not used to its bigger keyboard.