Deactivating Facebook: Best Idea EVER

Deactivating my account on Facebook is probably one of the the best decisions I’ve made. I’m not sure but I just reached that point where I feel so confused and unsure of everything and scanning through my feed on Facebook did not help.

I realized that Facebook masks a lot of things. In Facebook, people would only post the happy moments of their lives. And I have nothing against that, but sometimes it feels like that we are obliged to only post our smiles because everyone is doing it. We tend to compare our lives with other people and fail to notice that we are falling little by little to depression.

Deactivating Facebook felt like cutting of extra burden. I am not obliged to post a witty status, a photo of what I’m having for lunch, or my future plans with my life. It somehow gave me freedom. Seriously, I cannot describe the feeling. I was able to enjoy listening to my favorite songs again. It brought back my concentration and satisfaction in reading a good book, enjoying a meal, sleeping early, etc. I cannot remember the last time my mind felt so peaceful.

Initially, I wanted to deactivate my account for 7 days. But on the 3rd day, one of my thesismates told me she could not access our thesis files because I was the one who uploaded them and when I deactivated, the files were gone. Okaaay, I have no choice but to reactivate my account lol. Come on, our thesis was on the line, guys.

Still, no more Facebook for me. No more “See more” clicking for this girl.

Here’s  my advice: if you feel depressed, sad, or lost. Try clicking the Deactivate button on Facebook even just temporarily. Pressured by life’s demands, maybe you just need you a little peace in your mind. 🙂


Tip: Have you tried playing with water like this little Tarzan? 🙂


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