Gin no Saji (Silver Spoon)

Okay, I have just finished reading Cage of Eden and I was scanning the top manga on Manga Meow when I came across Silver Spoon. After reading couple of chapters, FREAKIN’ LOVE THIS MANGA! Characters look familiar with those in Fullmetal Alchemist (I swear I saw Armstrong as one of the teachers lol) but that’s because they have the same author, Hiromu Arakawa.

Probably took me 2 days to finish the available 110 chapters.. I WANT MORE! So anyway, what is Silver Spoon about? It’s about Hachiken, a boy who failed his highschool entrance exams so he went to an agricultural school which is Yenzo High. You should try reading this manga! I loved Fullmetal Alchemist then so maybe I already love Arakawa’s work. The story, humor! Oh, and you will learn a lot of stuff too. Ugggghhh please update soon!

I learned there is already an anime adaption of this manga. Check out some  of these gifs I found on Tumblr! *drools*

Ohhh rice.
They made a lot of pizzas from what I’ve read. *drools*
Oh, this is Hachiken eating chicken.

Well, now I am looking for another manga to read. Do you have any suggestions? Comment below and tell me! Thanks a lot!


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