St. Luke’s College of Medicine Application Process

Hi there! Sooo, I have been accepted at SLCM and I’m just waiting for our classes to start on July. Weee! I’ve decided to make a blog post about my application adventure in SLCM. I will try to cover the application process, interview, tuition fees, etc.

1. Who can apply in SLCM?

  • Graduate of Bachelor’s Degree and must have earned at least the ff:
    • 15 units Biology
    • 10 units Chemistry
    • 9 units Mathematics
    • 5 units Physics
    • 12 units Social Sciences

  • NMAT Result: strictly 90 percentile and above
  • Not more than 36 years old.
  • Failures must not be more than TEN (10) units from previous school.

2. What are the required documents?

  • Accomplished Application form (link) with 4pcs. 2×2 recent pictures w/ white bg
  • NMAT Result
  • Transcript of Records
  • Certificate of expected graduation
  • NSO Birth certificate
  • (2) Certificates of Good Moral Character (Dean, Guidance Counselor, Student Affairs, or College Secretary

3. How much is the application fee?

  • Local Applicant  – Php 2,500 / Php 3000 (late applicant)
  • Foreign Applicant – $300 / $350 (late applicant)

4. Scholarship Eligibility?

  • NMAT: 90% or higher
  • Latin Honor (Cum laude, Magna, and Summa cum laude)
  • No failed grade in any subject.

5. Tuition Fee

  • Around 130k – 138k for freshmen non-scholars.

I suggest you call the registrar to inquire about the Scholarships. Don’t worry, they’re really nice. SLCM holds an Open House event every year and it is a good chance for those who are considering to pursue medicine to learn more about SLCM! Hmm, when will be the next one? I’ll post it here if there’s already a schedule.

Do you have more questions? Just comment below!


30 thoughts on “St. Luke’s College of Medicine Application Process

  1. Hi 🙂 I just want to ask if I am eligible for a scholarship? I’m not graduating with Latin honors but my gwa is around 1.8 and I have an NMAT grade of 96. I badly need a scholarship because my family can’t really afford the tutition fees 😦 Are there scholarship offers for those who are like me? 😦

    Thank You 🙂

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    • Hi there! Sorry for the late reply. I believe all freshmen who were granted with scholarships all have Latin honors. BUT during the next years (2nd->4th year), you can get a scholarship as long as you satisfy the grade requirements! A final GWA of 85 and no grades of lower than 80 in all subjects. Guaranteed scholar ka for the whole year. And from my observation, madaming students na kahit walang Latin honors, dahil sa sipag and tiyaga, nakakuha sila ng scholarship sa 2nd year. 😀


  2. Hi, I’m just wondering if units lang ng required subject areas or yung mismong specified subjects rin sa site nila ang kailangan ma-meet? Di ko kasi alam if makakakuha ako ng analytical chem equiv samin without being delayed hahaha thanks!


    • Hello, I’m not sure whether you need the specified subject or just any chem subject to satisfy the required units. All I’m sure of is that they are strict with the number of required units. My advice is you should call the registrar just to be sure. They are nice and will answer your concern 🙂
      Registrar’s Office Tel# 727-7610


  3. Hi! I would just like to know if units lang ang required ma-meet or kailangan pati yung specified subjects sa site ng SLCM? Like for example, na-meet ko yung req units sa chem pero may isa akong kulang sa specified nila? Wala akong prob sa ibang subj except analytical chem equiv sa uni namin, di ko kasi alam if makakakuha pa ko nun without risking na maging delayed haha thanks!


    • Hello, I’m not sure whether you need the specified subject or just any chem subject to satisfy the required units. All I’m sure of is that they are strict with the number of required units. My advice is you should call the registrar just to be sure. They are nice and will answer your concern 🙂
      Registrar’s Office Tel# 727-7610


  4. And halimbawa po scholar ako ng 1st yr kung may latin honor ako pagkagraduate ng college, madedefer po ba yung scholarship ko by 2nd yr kung mas mababa sa 85 ang magiging GWA ko?


    • If academic scholarship (GWA not lower than 85), oo mawawala yung scholarship mo sa 2nd year. Pero may other scholarship like yung binibigay ng SLCM Foundation for deserving students.


  5. And totoo rin po ba na limited lang rin ang paggrant ng scholarship nila? At first come first served base dun sa confirmation?


    • Yes, limited yung scholarship na binibigay sa mga 1st year. First come, first served basis nga. But kung sa second year, kahit ilan pa yung maka-achieve ng above 85 na GWA, automatic scholars agad. 🙂


  6. I’m an incoming 1st year student in medicine and I’d like to apply in St. Lukes, but I have to retake the NMAT this April 2017 first. If I will get a percentile rank of 90+ this april, is there still a chance for me to be accepted this SY 2017-2018 in SLCM? Will they still accept my application?


    • Hi there! Same thing happened to me when I applied. Just a few days left before the application ends when I got my NMAT result. Just make sure you get a 90+ on your NMAT and do great on your interview, you’ll have a big chance of getting accepted! Good luck!


  7. Hi there 🙂 I’m planning to apply for SY 2018-2019, and I’d like to ask if for example nakuha mo yung scholarship for freshmen (latin and nmat percentile of 90+), pano kapag after ng first sem ng freshman year di mo namaintain yung 85 na gwa, sa second sem ba scholar ka pa rin (?) since diba sabi niyo po for one year na ang scholarship? Thank you!


    • If you got the scholarship for first year, scholar ka for the whole year even if you fail to maintain the grade for the second semester. So, sa second year ka pa mawawalan ng scholarship. if ever 🙂


    • Hi, I answered the same question just a few minutes ago. I’ll just copy paste it 😀

      I don’t remember if I mentioned it in my previous posts but that is exactly what happened in my case. I retook the NMAT in March and applied to SLCM, not knowing whether I’ll get 90+. So yeah, I gambled my P2,500 application fee because I really want to get into SLCM and prayed hard for the results. 🙂 They’ll accept the application and you’ll need to pay but they’ll only process it if you do get a 90+. Now, this was their protocol 2 years ago so I suggest you give them a call and ask if it’s still possible. Don’t worry, they are reallyyyy friendly and helpful. 😀


  8. Hi! 🙂 Are they strict with the Over all GWA? 🙂 And about the scholarship, do they give half scholarships? Is it also okay if you are not a fresh graduate, I’m planning kasi na magpahinga muna for one year before med school 🙂 Thank you! 🙂


    • I am not sure of the needed GWA. As for the scholarship, they only give full-scholarships at present.
      Yup, I have classmates who were not fresh grads and had experience working in different fields before ending up in medschool. 🙂


  9. Hi! I just want to ask if everyone who submitted the application form qualifies for interview. I really want to be admitted in this school but I’m not sure if my NMAT score (92) and GWA of 1.9 would give me a good opporrunity to be a Lukan. 😦


  10. Hi! I’m just curious if everyone who applies in SLCM gets the chance to be interviewed. I’m just an average student, my NMAT is 92 and my grade ranges from 1.8 to 2. Do you think I can be admitted in this school?


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