St. Luke’s College of Medicine – The Interview

Probably the part which most medschool applicants get nervous about is the INTERVIEW. I’ve experienced being interviewed in UERM and SLCM. I must say both interviews were “chill lang”. Well, I’m gonna share how my interview in SLCM went and some tips for you guys. 😀

Tip #1 Arrive early but not too early. In my case, I arrived really early in the SLCM library. My schedule was 8:00am but I arrived in SLCM about 7:00am. Around 8am, two applicants arrived and we started talking and I found out they were also Thomasians. We waited until 9am because I think the doctor who was supposed to interview us was not informed about the interview. So, they requested another doctor to substitute. Mind you, the substitute turned out to be the Head of Surgery of St. Luke’s Medical Center. Around 9:30am, I was called to come inside the office. 

Tip#2 Practice! I remember practicing my interview in our bathroom. LOL! I wasn’t very good at things like this interview but this one matters a lot to me so I practiced frequently in the CR. Of course, don’t memorize what you’ll say in the interview (The doctor would surely notice that) just practice how you construct your sentences, say the important things that should not be left out, etc.

Tip #3 Be polite! You might not know it but your interview has already started. Remember to be polite to the staff. Greet your interviewer Good Morning! After the interview, shake hands with the interviewer and thank him for his time.

My doctor interviewer was really nice! Being the Head of Surgery, I thought he would be intimidating but he was REALLY nice. Some of the questions he asked:

  • Tell me about yourself
  • Why did you choose St. Luke’s? Be honest. Bakit nga ba St.Luke’s yung gusto mo?
  • Are you done with your thesis? What is it about? (If you won any award for your thesis, mention it. I mentioned ours and he wrote something so I think it may be plus points)
  • How do you deal with stress? 
  • What is your talent? Sing, dance? (Painting! 🙂 Dance pwede pa pero singing wala talaga. Be honest guys! Baka biglang pakantahin kayo doon.)
  • Where do you plan to stay if you get accepted in St. Luke’s?

When the interviewer saw in my form that I was included in the Dean’s List. He praised me lol. I was actually embarrassed and just said “yes sir” lol. In the end of the interview, he told me he thinks SLCM really suits me and he will recommend my application. I was ecstatic inside! I shook hands with the doctor and said thank you very much.

The interview was actually quick about 15 minutes maybe. After the interview, I was happy and grateful for the experience. I bought milktea and rode the jeep home. I still have classes and 2 quizzes in Virology and Immunology, but because of SLCM, I was on cloud nine.

Tip#4 Pray and leave everything else to God. Trust God lalo na kapag sobrang lost ka na sa dapat mong gawin (I know madaming moments na ganito sa medschool application). Kalma lang and trust God’s plans. 🙂

How was your medschool interview? Comment below! 


5 thoughts on “St. Luke’s College of Medicine – The Interview

  1. Hi! 🙂 Your posts about your SLCM life are really encouraging. I have my interview set tomorrow morning, and I hope mine goes as successful as yours did! Thank you for your tips! 🙂


  2. Hi!! I just had my SLCM interview today and it was wayyyy more chill than my UPCM interview. The doctor’s soooo nice (the ones in UPCM are also nice, tho) and it didn’t feel like an interview at all. It’s like we were just chatting and she even said that she’d be recommending me. So now I have my fingers crossed bc the results will be out (daw) next week. Hihi. Reaaaally hope I’d be accepted in SLCM 💕


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