Books For Freshies

Hello! Ito na ang book list to help incoming freshies decide which books to use/buy. Note: This is based from my experience (SLCM 1st year) ok? 🙂 So, do not solely rely on the books on this list. Explore the books found in our library. Also, if you would like to add something, just comment below! Post will be mostly Tagalog. 🙂

Noong 1st year ako, sobrang nagtitipid kasi ako non kasi hello ang mahal ng tuition. Wala akong binili na kahit anong books. Kaya sabi ko printer na lang yung bibilhin ko tapos ipriprint ko na lang per chapter. And okay naman, nakasurvive naman pero iba pa rin yung may libro ka talaga. Minsan kasi tatamad ka magprint or magloloko si printer, so sayang yung oras. Kaya if may budget ka, go and buy the books. Okay din yung reprint?  Just be sure to read them lol.



Clinically Oriented Anatomy by Keith L Moore –  Sa Anatomy, sobrang high-yield ng lectures. I know some people who only study the transes and pumapasa sila. Yun din yung ginawa ko nung 1st Block kasi di pa ko nakabili ng printer. Papasa ka nga kahit trans lang yung aralin mo. “Papasa” Not good enough if you are aiming for a scholarship so next block (Cardio) , I read Moore + trans. And wow, line of 9 na yung grade ko sa Anatomy! Okay kasi ‘tong book kasi parang ikwekwento nya talaga yung parts ng katawan. My advice to you read the chapter in advance na parang nagbabasa ng newspaper para familiar ka na. Then sa trans, incorporate mo. Mas mareremember mo yan. 🙂 Kay Doc Decs actually galing yung advice.

Aaaaand, ito pala yung free book ng mga scholar sa year namin. Akala din nila lahat ng books free pero hindi. Imagine nga naman kung gaano kamahal yung med books. Okay na kasi ebooks. 🙂


Atlas of Human Anatomy by Frank H. Netter – Helpful ba ‘to?? YES. Helpful sa lab. Sobrang helpful if nagrereview ka ng blood supply. I borrowed a book from a friend in UST and I will forever be thankful to her huhu. Though di ko ‘to dinadala sa lab kasi mag-aamoy formalin and mabigat. 😦 Tablet + ebook version . Okay talaga ‘tong book lalo na sa visual learners. 



Guyton and Hall Textbook of Medical Physiology – This is it, guys. Kung may dapat man bilhin na book, eto na yun. Sa bandang 2nd sem, nagsisi ako bakit hindi ako bumili ng Guyton kasi need mo talaga basahin yung book. I think nacover ata lahat ng chapters back to back. 


Pocket Companion to Guyton and Hall Textbook of Medical Physiology – Ito si Baby Guyton! Is this book helpful? Yessss. Well, based from my experience ha. Kasi minsan di mo na mabasa si Mother Guyton, so kay Baby Guyton ka. Lalo sa 2nd block, madaming chapters yung Cardio. Dun magiging helpful si Baby Guyton. Also, sometimes after reading Mother Guyton, I read Baby Guyton just to remember the important points. Summarized version kasi etong si Baby Guyton. 🙂 


Guyton & Hall Physiology Review – Eto reviewer! If you have time or you’re focusing on Physio. Quiz yourself with this. No need to buy this one, there is an ebook version. Kumukuha ba sila dito ng questions sa exam? Hmm parang hindi naman. Pero this book is ok to test what you’ve read and ma-aapply din. 



Harper’s Illustrated Biochemistry – Is this book helpful? Huhuhu based from my experience hindi. Sa lectures, check the references used by the Docs to guide what books you need to read. Saka ko lang binabasa si Harper’s if sinabi ni Doc. Di ko kasi gusto yung pagdidiscuss sa book na ‘to. Mas helpful si Marks’.


Marks’ Basic Medical Biochemistry – Compared to Harper’s, mas ok ‘to for me. Better yung discussion ng topics. I just borrowed from the library and photocopy the needed chapters. Marks’ > Harper’s huhuhu.


Biochemistry: Board Review Series  by Dawn B. Marks – I found this book in the library while looking for review books for Biochem. Really helpful for reviewing, the book only includes the important basic concepts. I remember some items in the exams that I encountered in this book. If meron lang ako nakita na for sale, bibilhin ko talaga.


FOM is during Fridays. My plan was to make a reviewer by Thursday and study it. They give you a blueprint including the concepts you need to study early so your reviewer should include those concepts. What references can you use? Surf the internet! Seriously, the references are endless but here are some of the useful ones:

Radiopedia – For definitions and basic info

Medscape – Note: There’s an app for your phones and tablets. Download it and be saved. Haha! Really useful guys.

Harrison’s and Robbins. No need to buy these books sa 1st year. Sa 2nd year pa talaga yung gamit ng books na ‘to but will be helpful in some chapters for certain diseases to be discussed in FOM. Yung pathophysiology ng diseases, dito mo mahahanap. Some of my classmates just photocopy the needed chapter and yun lang aaralin nila for FOM. For me, better if you search the net as well and watch videos.

And that’s it! Honestly, pagod na talaga yung mga daliri ko guys. Haha! If I remember something helpful, will definitely add it to this post. If you have other questions, comment below! 😀 ❤


8 thoughts on “Books For Freshies

  1. Hi! I wanted to ask, if free yung books for scholars sa SLCM, do they give you hard bound books or the soft copies? I’ve been thinking of investing on an iPad po kasi, and I was wondering if it was worth buying one for med school.


    • Hello! For scholars, not all books yung free like nung first year parang 2 books ata yung free then ngayon second year, 2 books din. Hardbound din. BUT you get access to a website that will give you ebooks of ALL medical books. Sa scholars lang yung privilege na yun, just register sa library.

      Then yung sa iPad, from my experience, YES very useful sya. I use it to view ebooks, make notes, read journals.

      I’m thinking of making a post on useful apps for medschool. Interested ba kayo don? 🙂


  2. Hi! I’m an incoming freshman po this school year, eto padin po ba yung ginagamit na books? Thank you so much in advance! 🙂


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