I was not expecting anything. Just hoping. Second year was indeed a rollercoaster ride. But God always lifted my spirit. He always got my back kahit pagod na pagod na ko. Yung heartache just thinking about the grade I needed to maintain the scholarship. God made me feel uncomfortable and I realized He wants me to push harder, reset the limits I have set for myself. And at times na sobrang pagod na yung spirit ko, He will send my friends, my professors to cheer me on.

I keep on thinking about my family every night. How much burden I would give them if I lose the scholarship. And I kept praying. God hears every prayer and ngayon ko lang  fully narealize ‘to. I kept praying na Lord, sana makahabol pa ko. Sana hindi pa too late.

They released our grades yesterday and also the list of the scholars. Someone uploaded a blurred photo at first and I couldn’t make out the student numbers but I counted 26 asterisks = 26 scholars. From 40+ scholars, only 26 retained their scholarship. And sobrang kinakabahan na ako but I kept praying… Then someone uploaded a better photo of the list… And there it was, my student number with an asterisk beside it. The tears flowed and I kept thanking the Lord. The late nights studying, me skipping meals just to read transes, studying out in my favorite spot in Seattle’s Best Coffee… they were all worth it. Now, I can’t wait to tell my family. 😀 #roadtoVneck


This verse kept me going during Block 5 up until finals. I urge you to read this chapter (Mark 5:21-43) in the Bible. It’s about one of Jesus’ miracles. Jesus making the impossible, possible. 🙂


14 thoughts on “Another SCHOLARSHIP: UNLOCKED!!

  1. Hi. This is gonna be such a random question but I’m an incoming freshman this year and I’m really curious about our uniform (female). Like how do we were our blouses? Is there a zipper on the side? Nagpatahi kasi ako and we’re both confused about it. Thank you in advance 🙂


  2. Hi! I have a question about the scholarship, does the full scholarship, granted on freshman year, cover everything (tuition, books, misc fees, etc) or will you still pay a certain amount? Thank you so much!


  3. Hello!!! I just happened to bump into this blog months ago when I was deciding to retake or not to retake NMAT. Lo and behold, because of this blog, it made me 101% decided to retake the NMAT. I also wanted to pursue medicine in SLCM for A.Y. 2017-2018. Unfortunately, my 1st NMAT score didn’t find its way into SLCM’s cut. But seeing all these posts you shared motivated to put extra effort on the recently conducted NMAT. Thank you! I just hope and pray that God will grant my heart’s desire (to finally get a 90+%ile). God bless you and your med school journey! I pray that you’ll maintain your scholarship until you graduate, fellow Tomasino!


    • I’m just glad to help! As long as there is that desire in you to become a doctor, then go! Sorry for the late reply, we just finished with exams and Christmas vacation has started! Thank you for praying for my scholarship and God bless on your plans!


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