Eligible Applicants SY 2017-2018

Congratulations to everyone who made it!



Nervous but Excited

Starting to plan a school event for next year and it’s my first time to head an event like that. Though I can’t share it with you guys yet.

Lord, help us get through with it. Calm my heart, Jesus. 🙂

Books For Freshies

Hello! Ito na ang book list to help incoming freshies decide which books to use/buy. Note: This is based from my experience (SLCM 1st year) ok? 🙂 So, do not solely rely on the books on this list. Explore the books found in our library. Also, if you would like to add something, just comment below! Post will be mostly Tagalog. 🙂

Noong 1st year ako, sobrang nagtitipid kasi ako non kasi hello ang mahal ng tuition. Wala akong binili na kahit anong books.Read More »

SLCM Open House 2015

Do you want to know more about SLCM and Lukans?

Hey guys! Here it is! SLCM OPEN HOUSE 2015!

Seriously, register and get to know SLCM more. I remember attending last year and hearing this doktora talking about how she decided to pursue med because she couldn’t forgive herself if she didn’t try at all. And it that moment I realized, that is also my reason. I want to try and push my limits and I know I can do that in medicine.

 There was a tour around SLCM last year and I met Ates and Kuyas and it REALLY felt like family! Another reason I chose SLCM is because of the scholarships! I will do my best to achieve that! That was when I said to myself, I want St. Luke’s! After the tour, I was so ecstatic that my friends asked if I was okay but I couldn’t explain what I was feeling that time. LOL. Read More »

St. Luke’s College of Medicine – The Interview

Probably the part which most medschool applicants get nervous about is the INTERVIEW. I’ve experienced being interviewed in UERM and SLCM. I must say both interviews were “chill lang”. Well, I’m gonna share how my interview in SLCM went and some tips for you guys. 😀

Tip #1 Arrive early but not too early. In my case, I arrived really early in the SLCM library. My schedule was 8:00am but I arrived in SLCM about 7:00am. Around 8am, two applicants arrived and we started talking and I found out they were also Thomasians. We waited until 9am because I think the doctor who was supposed to interview us was not informed about the interview. So, they requested another doctor to substitute. Mind you, the substitute turned out to be the Head of Surgery of St. Luke’s Medical Center. Around 9:30am, I was called to come inside the office. Read More »