Books For Freshies

Hello! Ito na ang book list to help incoming freshies decide which books to use/buy. Note: This is based from my experience (SLCM 1st year) ok? 🙂 So, do not solely rely on the books on this list. Explore the books found in our library. Also, if you would like to add something, just comment below! Post will be mostly Tagalog. 🙂

Noong 1st year ako, sobrang nagtitipid kasi ako non kasi hello ang mahal ng tuition. Wala akong binili na kahit anong books.Read More »

Scholarship: UNLOCKED!

Apologies for the inactivity in my blog this month! It’s vacation time kasi. 🙂 Anyway, look what came in my mail last June 7,2016.


Sa sobrang saya ko, napaiyak talaga ako. Takbo sa kwarto at lumuhod, nagpasalamat kay Lord. The Lord indeed is amazing. He will never let down those who believe in Him. He indeed is faithful. 🙂

Now, I am not posting this to brag about it. Oh gosh no. I want to inspire those incoming freshies that are not laude and are hoping for a scholarship next year. It is possible guys! I did not have Latin honors when I graduated but because of  hardwork and faith in God, I got the scholarship.

As promised, I will post tips for Blocks 1-6 to help the incoming freshies! By now, you probably have your uniforms ready? Ahhh memories. Still can’t believe that I’m a sophomore now.

Well, stay tuned for my next posts! ❤

Here’s a verse that came in thought after receiving the e-mail. 🙂